Terms & Conditions

Acceptance to the YORA ETHICAL BREEDERS CLUB is subject to the following:

  1. Breeders must be ages 18+ years and reside in the UK
  2. Breeders must own three or more breeding bitches and/or stud dogs and produce a minimum of one litter per year
  3. All breeders must be able to demonstrate responsible breeding practises, and be able to provide evidence of DNA & relevant health testing for their chosen breed
  4. Breeders must be registered with the Kennel Club/Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and provide copies of KC Certification (including membership number) or
  5. Breeders that are not Kennel Club registered must supply proof of your Breeding License from your Local Authority (and include copies of the YORA Puppy Contracts on request)
  6. When KC membership/Council Breeding Licenses expire, it is the member’s responsibility to update this and supply the Ethical Breeder Club with all relevant renewal documentation
  7. Our Yora Ethical Breeder team member may request routine inspection of premises
  8. New litters must be registered with your Breeder Manager within four weeks of the birth and updated accordingly
  9. Breeders are required to recommend YORA Puppy to all new puppy owners, providing YORA Puppy Welcome Packs (including 1.5kg food free of charge) and YORA Puppy Contracts
  10. Breeders are requested to recommend all new puppy owners contact the Breeder Manager on/after collecting their puppy, quoting their breeders unique ID to activate puppy owners 20% one-off purchase (and allow Breeder Carbon Credits to be tracked)
  11. To be eligible for complimentary Yora Puppy Packs breeders must have ordered within last 6 months. Breeders are to request Puppy Packs from their Breeder Manager
  12. The YORA Ethical Breeder Club has the right to suspend or terminate membership, and to change the terms & conditions at any time, without prior notice

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