Ethical Breeder Club FAQs

What makes the Ethical Breeder Club so unique?

What is the vision of the Ethical Breeder club?

What are the necessary requirements to join the Ethical Breeder Club?

How do I ‘Register Interest’ or ‘Join the Ethical Breeder Club’?

How do I create a Yora account?

I am already an Ethical Breeder Club member do I have to register interest/ join the club again each time I go to the website?

Has the 60% discount already been applied to the 25kg Breeder bag?

What is Yora Ethical Breeder suitable for?

My dogs are not pregnant, which YORA do I feed the remainder of the year?

How do I recommend other responsible breeders to the Club if I’m already a member? And do I benefit from this?

What are Carbon Credits and how do they work?

How else can I collect Carbon Credit? Can I get rewarded for recommending adult dogs and puppies alike?

How does my new puppy owner receive their 20% discount on Yora food?

How important is it that new puppy owners keep their puppy on Yora?

One or more of my puppy’s may be bred from in the future…?

What is my unique Breeder ID for?

Why is my 25kg Breeder bag transparent?

I am an Ethical Breeder Club member, and my bitch has had her litter what do I do now? How do I order complimentary Yora Puppy Packs?

What’s included in my complimentary Puppy Welcome Packs? 

Where do new puppy owners purchase Yora from? 

I have not received my puppy packs yet, what do I do?

Can I return Yora if my dog doesn’t like it?

The Breeder 25kg bags definitely offer the best value but are labelled as working dog food, does this mean the food is of a different quality?

How long will it take to receive an order using my Ethical Breeder account?

How effective is Yora in preventing allergies in the puppies I breed?

Does the Ethical Breeder Club have Social Media accounts?

Please visit our main Yora FAQs for all other product, nutritional information, feeding guidelines, subscription, shipping and delivery and money back guarantee

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