Paper vs plastic

For the sake of the planet we're moving from compostable bags to recyclable plastic.

When we first created Yora, we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to find the most eco-friendly packaging for our lovely food. We settled on compostable bags because they seemed like the best option at the time, but we've since realised that for now at least our new recyclable plastic bags will protect our food better, and on balance, are better for the environment in the long run.

Yora old paper packaging



Compostable bags have a biodegradable layer made from PLA which means they can’t be recycled.
Also they are only compostable industrially which isn’t available to everybody.

Shorter Shelf Life

Only 12 months shelf life

Not Waterproof

If these bags get rained on while in transit, it can ruin the product which means more wastage.


30% heavier than plastic which all adds up when transporting product.

Splits Easily

Yora new recyclable packaging recyclable icon


100% Recyclable

Most pet food bags are made from layers of different plastics... our clever new bags are made from layers of the same plastic which means they are totally recyclable!
Customers will be able to bring their bags back to the store for recycling.

Longer Shelf Life

15 months shelf life = less product wastage.


These bags can keep Yora fresh through a British winter or an Indian Summer!

Light & Nimble

30% lighter than paper which means less carbon when transporting.

Stronger Seams

On balance, recyclable plastic bags are better for the environment than compostable bags for now.

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