Frequently Asked Questions


Why should you choose an ethical and sustainable dog food like Yora?

Is Yora’s packaging recyclable?

What is the packaging made from?

Where are Yora’s grubs sourced from?

What insects do Yora use?

How are the grubs killed?

What temperature is the kibble dried at?

What are the differences between the All Breed and Breed Specific kibble?

How can I reduce my cats Carbon pawprint?

Do you use animal testing?

Are different flavours available?

My dog only likes wet food – do you sell it?

Do vets approve of insect protein in dog food?

Nutritional information

What are the nutrients in the food? (Taurine, L-carnitine and the 10 essential amino acids in Puppy)

Why do you use oats and potatoes?

Is Yora allergen free?

Is Yora grain free?

Is Yora gluten free?

Where are Glucosamine and Chondroitin from?

Is there palm oil in Yora?

Feeding Guidelines

How much Yora should I feed my dog?

Can I feed Adult All Breeds to puppies?

Can I feed a hedgehog Yora?


How do I cancel my Yora subscription?

How do I change the subscription frequency?

Shipping and delivery

Where do Yora deliver to?

How much is delivery?

Money-back guarantee

Can I return Yora if my dog doesn’t like it?

Does Yora have samples?

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