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01st October 2020

Since we launched 20 months ago we’ve helped thousands of dogs live…

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Try Yora treats on your next summer adventure

24th July 2020

Holidays are for exploring, relaxing, and taking the time to properly spoil…

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How To Help Dogs With Meat Allergies?

06th May 2020

Allergies, a word that sends chills down every pet owners spine as…

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How to help my dog lose weight

03rd March 2020

Obesity in pets has grown massively in the past few years, as…

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Blue Monday

Turn Blue Monday into Green

20th January 2020

  Has this grey and miserable weather got you down? You’re…

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Top 5 tips for an Eco-friendly Christmas

12th December 2019

Christmas, I think we can all agree, is a time of joy…

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Top reasons why insects are a great alternative for vegetarian dog owners

01st November 2019

There are plenty of reasons why Yora is better for pets and…

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5 Reasons why Yora is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs

01st November 2019

Does your dog have a delicate stomach? Here are 5 reasons why our…

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Bag of Yora Pet Food

Why insects are better for your dog (and the environment) than meat

31st October 2019

Yora is one of the world’s most sustainable pet foods, using…

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Ecosia Tree Planting Map

Ecosia: the carbon-free (search) engine

21st August 2019

Here at Yora HQ, we’re always looking for ways to be…

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The impact of animal farming on the planet, and how insect protein can help

15th July 2019

We’re all trying to do our bit to reduce our carbon…

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sad cramped battery farmed chickens

Why would you switch from meat-based pet food to insect-based pet food?

01st July 2019

The pet food industry has seen trends come and go, from raw…

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