01st October 2020

Since we launched 20 months ago we’ve helped thousands of dogs live healthy, happy, allergy-free lives and we’ve saved A LOT of Carbon.

Here at Yora we want to say a huge thank you to all of our #YoraExplorer early adopters who took a leap of faith and believed in us.

Now we want to do more! We’re celebrating with a permanent price reduction of up to 20% across our complete food range. This has only become possible because of customers like you.

Yora, like most early-stage concepts, cost more at the start because our insect ingredient was expensive to buy. As our sales have grown, we've managed to negotiate a better price for our grubs which we're passing on to our loyal customers and will continue to do so!

So far Yora Explorers have saved around 3,640 Tonnes of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions

That’s like driving a car 9 million miles or 37 times to the moon!

Or the emissions from heating 1,600 average UK homes for 1 year

There's never been a better time to try Yora. It's better for dogs, the planet and now it's even more affordable.

Try now with a money back guarantee.

You're ready to save 30% off your order!

To claim 30% discount off your order, simply create an account with us and sign in before you check out and we’ll take care of the rest.

Thanks for joining the pack,


and the Yora Team

Reduce your global pawprint