Turn Blue Monday into Green

20th January 2020

Blue Monday


Has this grey and miserable weather got you down? You’re not alone, this Monday 20th Jan is known as ‘Blue Monday’ (otherwise referred to as the worst day of the year) but here at Yora we’re trying to change that by making ‘Green Monday’ a thing. Instead of sticking to our January rut we’re challenging our #YoraExplorer’s to make a difference by making one sustainable change. Whether that’s getting green fingered out in the garden, planting trees, or resolving to pick up bits of litter on your walk home. Here are some ideas to get you started…

1). Feeding The Birds

This might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘be green’ but we want to encourage people to care more about our wildlife and the environment they live in. Bird feeding stations are a vital source for wild birds at this time of year.

2). Be A Conscious Consumer

We’ve seen the devastating effects plastic can have on wildlife from programmes like Blue planet. By being conscious about your purchases, instead of mindless buying, will empower you to reduce your consumption of things like single use lunch packets, seasonal clothing and throwaways.

3). Book A Staycation

At this time of year, all we can think about is the welcome escape of some tropical sun, however, aviation is one of the highest contributors to carbon emissions in the world (sorry sun lovers). So, why not think about holidaying in the UK? Devon, Dorset, Norfolk and Kent have got the sandy beaches and lakes, Snowdownia and Scotland have the beautiful views (and sometimes snow for you skiers).

4). Turn Down The Heat

Turning down your thermostat and thoroughly insulating your home will be a great way to cut costs and reduce your environmental impact and, if you have a smart meter, you don’t even have to get up from your sofa to do it.

5). Reduce Your Pets Meat Consumption

Unfortunately our pets are the secret contributor to global warming, contributing to the pet trades 64 million tonnes of carbon dioxide released each year. At Yora, we are trying to help to reduce this, by using insect protein instead of the traditional carbon, land and water heavy consuming animal meats. Reducing your pets water consumption by up to 95% when compared to beef.


Just to remind you that small changes can make a huge difference and well, if we all make a change then… you guessed it.

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