Try Yora treats on your next summer adventure

24th July 2020

Holidays are for exploring, relaxing, and taking the time to properly spoil yourself and your beloved pooch. The Yora treat range is ideal for all holiday adventures. From travelling to and exploring all those exciting new places with your best furry friend.


1. Travelling to your destination!

Yora Dreamers are perfect for getting those relaxed holiday vibes and keeping your dog calm on the go. These tasty treats contain Yora's trademark palatable grubs blended alongside ingredients specifically chosen for their calming properties. Lemon balm and valerian root help your dog naturally unwind to become the perfect travel companion. The ideal snack for a relaxing dream UK holiday!


2. For those big adventures!

If you plan on an active holiday hiking, climbing, swimming, and getting out and about with your trusty canine friend, then you will certainly need something to keep your energy up! A Yora Insect Power Protein Bar will provide the perfect boost for your pooch!  Made with super digestible sustainable grubs that are suited to even the most sensitive stomach. Plus, the inclusion of Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil will help promote healthy skin and coat, ideal after all that time in the sea and the sun.


3. A Holiday Treat!

Of course, no holiday would be complete without the tastiest of snacks. Yora Rewards Hand Baked Biscuits are great for treating your dog’s taste buds with a new and exciting flavour. These biscuits are hand baked and made with palatable grubs and a blend of apple, carrot, and oats. Super tasty and digestible, the perfect treat for the perfect time away.


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