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12th May 2022

At Yora HQ, we’re giddy about grubs! But it’s time we shared our love for the other wholesome ingredients that make our pet food special. Each one is chosen for its function to help treat particular health issues, as well as being better for the planet.



Our potatoes, oats and beetroot take less energy to grow and have a much lower carbon footprint than common carbohydrates found in traditional pet food. In fact, our nutritious oats are grown right next door to the factory!

As well as being more sustainable, they’re also brimming with vitamins and provide our furry friends with slow-release energy to maintain healthier blood sugar levels.



Palatable dried pumpkin provides a brilliant source of vitamin A to support vision and vitamin C for a healthy immune system.

This squash is also well known for its beneficial fibre content, which is fantastic for aiding stool formation and promoting digestive health. Firmer and healthier poops mean better overall health, and of course, they’ll be easier to pick up!



Like humans, our pet’s joints can suffer, especially as they get older, so having a joint-care pack in your pet’s diet will support their limbs and prevent problems in the future.

We use three powerful joint-care ingredients in our recipes – glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM – which work together to help rebuild joints, keep them cushioned and reduce inflammation and pain.

Our food contains exceptionally high levels of joint care, especially in our Yora Light/Senior range for older dogs. It really helps soothe hardworking limbs and gives pets their bounce back!



Dog and cat digestive systems are teeming with friendly bacteria that help prevent intestinal disease and keep bodies healthy.

The chicory and yeast in our recipes support these beneficial bacteria – chicory acts as a prebiotic, which helps with feeding, nourishing and strengthening friendly bacteria in the gut, while prebiotic yeast protects by mopping up and removing nasty bacteria from the large intestine.

These prebiotics support your pet’s immune system and keep them feeling healthy and happy.


As you can see, all our ingredients are delicious, nutritious and always ethical. Why not check out our trusty testimonials to see what other pet owners have to say?


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