7 Reasons Insects Are Better Than Meat


A novel protein source approved by vets

More and more vets are recommending insect based diets for dogs with allergies to common proteins.

If your pet is suffering from allergies Yora’s hypoallergenic formulation is ideal.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues, our grubs are even easier to digest than chicken!

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They're Really

We worked through 29 ethical recipes until every dog licked the plate clean. Watch our taste test to see for yourselves.

Our Grubs Eat Clean Food Waste

Our grubs are some of nature’s primary composters. They help humans by processing our food waste. Once they’re finished with it, it has become a natural compost to help us grow more food!


Better For
The Planet

This chart shows the environmental impact of traditional meat production including the enormous quantities of soya and grain that are fed to livestock. Yora’s insect ingredient makes our food the lowest C02 producing ethical pet food in the world. Try our carbon calculator

RESOURCES NEEDED TOPRODUCE 10kg of protein. 2,100 300 45 1,500 375 60 1,120,000 340,000 54,000 LANDAREAm2 GREENHOUSEEMISSIONS kg WATERUSElitres *all figures include the impact of growing animal feed supplies.

They're Packed With

Let's face facts, in pet foods you don't always get the 'prime cuts' that they claim. With Yora you get all of the goodness, because we use the whole grub.

Our grubs are packed with the essential amino acids, fats and minerals your pet needs.


Kinder To Farm Animals

As consumers, if we do eat meat, or fish we make sure it's free range or ethically sourced.

With most pet foods you don't get that option, you're usually funding heavily processed, intensively farmed meat byproduct.

Sad factory farmed chickens

No Growth
Hormones /

80% of the world's antibiotics are used in animal farming, and growth hormones are used to make animals grow more quickly. Yora’s insects grow fast naturally, and they don't need to be treated for disease.

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