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Really happy to have found a good planet-friendly food for our dog. We're vegetarian and have been looking for an alternative to a meat - based food. Our dog loves YORA!

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Reduce Your Global Pawprint

Reducing our meat intake is one of the best things we can do for the environment, but what about our pets?

We've created a revolutionary new ethical pet food that swaps traditional meat for insects. Our grubs are just as nutritious as traditional meat without the cost to the planet.

Yora uses much less C02 to produce than normal pet foods – our sustainable formulation saves up to 14.3 tonnes of C02 when compared to regular chicken based dog food. Try our carbon calculator

Yora’s Insect protein is approved by the British Veterinary Association

Good For
The Planet

This chart shows the environmental impact of traditional meat production including the enormous quantities of soya and grain that are fed to livestock.

2,100 300 45 1,500 600 60 1,120,000 340,000 54,000 LANDAREAm2 GREENHOUSEEMISSIONS kg WATERUSElitres

Great for

Packed with essential amino acids, fats and minerals, our grubs have the ideal nutritional balance for dogs.

As a novel protein source, insect protein is perfect for dogs with meat intolerances, and it's more digestible than chicken.

Our grubs are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

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Is your dog a trail blazing eco warrior? Did your dog struggle with food allergies? If Yora has helped your dog, please let us know and help us spread the word! Use #YoraExplorer to tell your dog’s story, or email us at

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